Get Certified

Get Certified

Who Needs the ‘Safe Place to Work’ Certification?

Any Organization that :

  • hosts a group of employees, large or small
  • employees spend more than 8 hours a day inside the workplace premises
  • employees depend on the work premises for food, water & other basic necessities
  • depends on employee productivity for overall company benefits
  • wants to ensure their employees’ well-being & health security
  • wishes to get their efforts toward employee health, safety & security recognized.
Certificate Of Recognization

Needs to get a ‘Safe Place to Work’ certification.

Based on the different industry requirements, our experts have curated a set of specific parameters that help test and establish health and safety measures in the workplace.
Here is an overview of some of the Safe Place to Work parameters that’ll help firms understand and establish improvised hygiene & safety guidelines for all Indian workplaces.

Audit Parameters


Physical Security




Fire Safety


Personal Hygiene


Food Safety

Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety



Infrastructural Facilities

Infrastructural Facilities

Certification Process

How to Get Certified?

You can become a ‘Safe Place to Work’ by following these 4-steps leading to a workplace health and safety audit and receive a Safe Place to Work Certification

Issuing Certificate

Registering under the Program

The step includes enrolling your organization under the ‘Safe Place to Work’ Initiative by filling the form in our registration section.

Issuing Certificate


This step includes assessing your level of compliance with the set standards. If you score 70% and above, you will be certified as a “Safe Place to Work.”

Issuing Certificate

Issuing of Certificate

If you qualify as Safe Place to Work, you will be issued a certificate and usage guidelines.

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